About Us and Online Security

Stock photo of people in suits shaking hands?

tod marcus ea

I don’t think so.

I’m not playing around.

I’ve been doing taxes for over thirty years and my practice is my livelihood, the success of which relies on serving my clients thoughtfully.


We are a real, brick and mortar, mom and pop business with 5 employees and an office in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We are all experienced professionals and we operate with a synergistic maturity that is rare and hard to find at big firms.

We are genuinely concerned about our clients’ data and we will use great caution in keeping your information and documents secure and safe.


I used to work for a giant tax firm. The biggest, actually. I was appalled at the genuine lack of concern for client data.

You would cringe if I told you about the careless things that I saw when it came to client security and privacy.

tod marcus ea

I knew that I would one day start my own team and I vowed not to let this happen when I did.

I can tell you that your personal information is as secure, and most likely much more secure, than it would be at a big firm.

We’re sharp, we are experienced, we care, and we do our best. You can’t ask for more than that.

Online Tax Service Security Techniques

Citrix ShareFile

We use ShareFile’s secure document sharing service for gathering and delivering documents securely over the ‘Net.

You do not have to register for an account with them. We send you https links to upload and download securely.

It is extremely streamlined, easy to use, and non-evasive to your device.

PDF Encryption

On request, we can password protect any PDF, including your tax return, of course.


When we need you to review and sign documents, we deliver them via HelloSign’s secure document signing service.

You can click to sign the documents and securely download the PDFs.


We store and back up your documents on an extra-secure cloud service called “SpiderOak”.

This is known among techies to be the most secure commercial cloud server in existence.

Tight Intra-Office Systems and Strong Passwords

I’m a little bit of a techie myself and I keep our systems clean and tight. We change our passwords frequently, we use multi-step verification when available, and we use very strong passwords.

What YOU Should Do to Increase Security

Yes you, the client.

Most of the time, it is our clients who are compromising their own security. Sorry to nag you like that, I want you to like me, but don’t be the weak link in the system.

This goes for whether you hire us, another firm, or if you choose to prepare and file your taxes yourself.

We request that you do the same as we do with your email account passwords before exchanging data with us. How strong are your email passwords? When was the last time you changed them? Uh huh, that’s what I thought (just kidding, please don’t fire me before you even hire me). Well, I’m only sort of kidding, actually. If you are living overseas and are dependent on electronic communications, you should change your email passwords very often and use very strong passwords.  I mean that very seriously.

We also would advise you to only send and receive data form a secure connection. Note that coffee shops and airports, for example, are not good places for data exchange. If you are frequently connecting and working from these types of WiFi services, we suggest you do a bit of research on how to keep your data safe.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, and Client Service Agreement
These policies will be sent to all clients during on engagement prior to services being provided.

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing form you soon. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to proceed with our services.

Note that we see great demand just before the deadlines. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you file on time.