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Adjusting your withholding for the Mortgage Credit Certificate

Can a business deduct charitable donations for donated services?

Can you write off a loan repayment on your taxes?

Realtors: How to Explain Capital Gains Tax to Your Clients

Tax Service Red Flags You Need to Know About

A simple guide to your parents’ trust taxes

Can my business buy a car for a tax write off?

Top 10 Small Business Ideas

How Much Do Restaurant Owners Make?

Responding to IRS Letters – Simple and Complete Guide

IRS letters with brokerage and stock activity

S corporation and partnership tax services

Simple and Complete Guide to S Corporations

How to Prepare an S Corporation Tax Return

How to File an Extension for an S Corporation Tax Return

S Corporation Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

S Corporations and Partnerships Should Include a Balance Sheet with Their Tax Return

Simple Guide to Starting an S corporation

Starting an S Corporation Checklist

The S Corporation and Self Employment Taxes

Simple and Complete Guide to Partnership Taxation

Multi-Member LLCs Generally Require a Partnership Tax Return

Retirements Plans for Partnerships

Six Simple Steps to Forming a Partnership

US expat tax services

Simple Tax Guide for US Expats Living Abroad

Are foreign retirement accounts trusts? Do I need form 3520/3520a?

Do I have to pay tax on money earned overseas?

Do US Expats Need to File a Tax Return?

How to Report Taxes for Canadian Partnerships Owned by US Expats

Reducing the Foreign Tax Credit for Excluded Income

Self Employment Tax for US Expats (and the certificate of coverage)

Simple Guide for US Expats Needing to File Back Taxes

Simple Guide to the 12-Month Allocation of the Physical Presence Test

Simple Guide to the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion for Expats

The Foreign Tax Credit Vs. The Foreign Income Exclusion

US Citizens Living Abroad and Foreign Families

US Citizens Living Abroad and the 2-Month Tax Filing Extension

US Expat Tax Checklist

US Expat Taxes – The Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

US Expat Taxes and the Sale of Foreign Investment Property

US Expat Taxes when Selling a Foreign Residence

US Expat Taxes: Simple Guide to the Foreign Tax Credit

US Expat Taxes: Wages vs. Dividends vs. Self Employment Income

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